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अवदानम् [avadānam]   1 A pure or approved occupation.
An accomplished act.
A valorous or glorious act, prowess, heroic act, heroism, glorious achievement; संगीयमानत्रिपुरावदानः [Ku.7.48;] [Śi.7.2,18.16;] प्रापदस्त्रमवदान- तोषितात् [R.11.21;] [Ki.17.16;] तत्त्वत्पूर्वावदानेभ्यो न रोचते [Dk.52;] [Ki.3.43,13.32.]
Object of a legend.
Objection; जुहुयान्मूलमन्त्रेण षोडशर्चावदानतः [Bhāg.11.27.41] Sacrificial object for an oblation.
अवदानम् [avadānam]   [अव-दो-ल्युट्]
Cutting or dividing into pieces.
A part, portion; हृदयाद्यवदानानाम् Ś. B.
The root of a plant (वीरण); see अवदान also.

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