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अभि-वाद  m. m. reverential salutation, [Mn. ii, 120 seqq.]; [Gaut.]
See also: अभि - वाद
अति-वाद   (v.l.) opprobrious or unfriendly speech, abuse, [MBh. xii, 9972.]
See also: अति - वाद

अभिवादः [abhivādḥ] वादनम् [vādanam]   वादनम् 1 Reverential salutation, respectful obeisance, salutation of a superior or elder by an inferior or junior, or of a teacher by his disciple. It consists in (1) rising from one's seat (प्रत्युत्त्थान); (2) clasping the feet (पादोपसंग्रह), and (3) repeating the form of salutation (अभिवाद) which includes the name or title of the person addressed, followed by the mention of the person's own name. For the different ways of performing obeisance and the merit arising therefrom see [Ms.2.12-126.]
Abuse, insulting or scurrilous speech (for अतिवाद).

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अभिवाद  m.  (-दः)
1. Reverential salutation.
2. Opprobrious, or unfriendly speech, abuse.
E. अभि against, or adverse, and वाद speech.
See also: अभि - वाद

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