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अग्नि—पुराण  n. n.N. of a पुराण.

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1) General information.
This is one of the eighteen Purāṇas ascribed to Vyāsa. It is believed that this Purāṇa was originally given orally (as advice) by Agni- deva to many sages, devas and Sage Vasiṣṭha. It is a vast comprehensive work dealing with every subject of importance. To give a copy of this book to a good Brahmin on the Full Moon day in the month of Mārga Sīrṣa is supposed to be a highly virtuous and meritorious deed.
2) Contents.
This large Purāṇa consists of about 420 chapters. It deals in detail with the following subjects: The Daśāvatāras of Mahāviṣṇu; Rāmāyaṇa; Mahābhārata; rules and injunctions relating to the worship of various gods (devapūjāvidhis); installation of idols in temples (devatāpratiṣṭhā); Svapnamantras; astrology; architecture and sculpture; Āyurveda; Viṣavaidya (treatment of poisons from Snakebite etc.); the principles of the drama (Nāṭaka) and other allied arts; figures of speech and all alaṁkāras in general; and physiology of the human body. All these subjects are treated in a detailed and scientific manner.

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