"Each single moment, O fountain of mercy, passes like an age to Her, Therefore, march quickly, my lord, and vanquishing the miscreant crew by Your mighty arm, recover Her."

when the all-blissful Lord heard of Sita's agony, tears rushed to his lotus eyes. "Do you thinkanyone who depends on me in thoughy, word and deed can ever dream of adversity?" Said Hanuman : "There is no misfortune other than ceasing to remember and adore You, Of what account are the demons to You? Routing the enemy You willsurely bring back Janaka's Daughter." "No one endowed with a body-a god, humanbeing or sage-has put me under suchobligation, Hanuman, as you have done. Even my mind shrinksto face you:how, then,can I repay your obligation ? Listen, my son : I have thought over the question and concluded that the debt which I owe you cannot be repaid." Again and again as the protector of the gods gazed on Hanuman His eyes filled with tears and Hisbody was overpowered with a thrill of emotin.

Even as Hanuman listened to the words of his lord and gazed on His countenance he experienced a thrill of joy all over his body and fell at His feet, overwhelmed with love and crying : "Save me, save me ( from the tentacles of egoism ), my lord."

Again and again the Lord sought to raies him up; he however, wassoabsorbed in love that he would not rise. The lotus hand of the Lord rested on his head. Gauri's lord ( Siva ) was overcome with emotion as He called to mind Hanuman's  enviable lot. But, recovering Himself, Siva resumed the most charming narrative.The Lord lifted up Hanuman and clasped him to his bosom: then He took him by the hand and seated him very close to Him. "Tell me, Hanuman, how could you burn Ravana's stronghold of Lanka, a most impregnable fortress?" When Hanuman found the Lord so pleased, he replied in words altogether free from pride. "A monkey's greatest valour lies in his skipping about from one bough to another, That I should have been able to leap across the ocean, burn the gold city, Kill the demon host and lay waste the Asoka grove was all due to Your might; no credit, my lord, is due to me for the same."

"Nothing is unattainable, my lord, to him who enjoys Your grace. Through Your might a mere shred of cotton can surely burn a submarine fire ( The impossible can be made possible )."

"Therefore, be pleased, my lord, to grant me unceasing Devotion, which is a source of supreme bliss." When the Lord, O Parvati, heard the most artless speech of Hanuman he said, "Be it so !" Una, he who has come to know the true nature of Rama can have no relish for anything other than His worship. Even he who takes this dialogue ( between Sri Rama and Hanuman ) to heart is blessed with devotion to Sri Rama's feet. On hearing the words of the Lord the whole host of monkeys cried, "Glory, glory, all glory to the gracious Lord, the founatin of bliss !" The Lord of the raghus then summoned Sugriva ( the King of the monkeys ) and said,"Make preparations for themarch. Why should we atarry any longer ? Issue orders to the monkeys at once." The gods who were witnessing the spectacle rained down flowers in profusion and then gladly withdrew from the lower air to their own celestial spheres.

Sugriva ( the lord of the monkeys ) quickly summoned the commanders of the various troops and they presented themselves in multitudes. The troops of monkeys and bears. though varying in colour, were all unequalled in strength.

The mighty bears and monkeys bowed their head at the Lord's lotus feet an roared. Sri Rama surveyed the whole monkey host and cast on them His gracious lotus-like eyes. Emboldened by His grace the monkey chiefs vied as it were with huge mountains equipped with wings. Sri Rama then sallied forth glad of heart and many were thedelightful and aupicious omens that occurred th Him. It was in the fitness of things that good omens should appear at thetime of His It was in the fitness of things that good omens should appear at the time of His departure ( on an expedition ) whose glory itself embodies all blessings, Videha's Daughter came to know of the Lord's march; the throbbing of Her left limbs apprised Her of the same as it were, But what were good omens for Janaka's Daughter foreboded evil for Ravana . Who could adequately describe the army as it marched with its countless monkeys and bears roaring. With no weapon other than their sharp claws, they carried rocks and trees ( that they had uprooted on the way ) and marched now in the air and now on land, for they had unhampered motion everywhere. The bears and monkeys roared like lions as they marched, while the elephants guarding the eight cardinal points shook and trumpeted.

The elephants of the eigh cardinal points trumpeted, the earth rocked, the mountains trembled and the oceans were agitated. The Gandharvas, gods, sages. Nagas and  Kinnaras,all felt delighted at heart to perceive that their troubles were over, Myriads of formidable monkey warriors gnashed their teeth ( in a bellicose mood ); while many more millions dashed forward crying "Glory to Sri Rama, Kosala's lord, of mighty valour" and hymning His praises. Even the great lord fo serpents ( Sesa ) found himself unableto bear the crushing  eight of the belligerent troops and felt dizzy again and again. Byt eachtime he would struggle by clutching with his teeth the hard shell of the divine Tortoise. The scratches thus made by his teeth would makeoneimagine as if, knowing the departure of Sri Rama ( The Hero of Raghu's line ) on His glorious expedition to be a most attractive theme, the serpent-king was inscribing its immortal and sacred story on the Tortoise's back.

Continuing His march in this way the All-merciful arrived at the seashore and halted there. The host of valiant bears and monkeys began to guttle fruits all round there.

Chaupala -
Ever since Hanuman left after burning down Lanka the demons there had lived in constant terror. In their own houses they thought, "There is no hope for the demon rave mow. If his messenger was mighty beyond words. what good would result when the master himself enters the city?" When Mandodarl ( Ravana's principal queen ) heard from her female spies what the citizens were saying, she felt much perturbed. Meeting her lord in seclusion she fell at his feet and with joined perturbed. Meeting her lord in seclusion she fell at his feet and with joined palme addressed to him words steeped in wisdom: "My lord, avoid all strife with Sri hari.Take my words to your heart as a most salutary advice. My lord, if you seek your own welfare, call one of your ministers and send back with him the consort of that prince ( Sri Rama ), the very thought of whose messenger's doings makes the wives of the demons miscarry. Just as a frosty night spells disaster to a bed of lotuses, so Sita has come here as a bane to your race. Listen, my lord : unless you return Srta, not even Sambhu ( Lord Siva ) and Brahma ( the creator ) can be of any good to you.

"Rama's arrows are like a swarm of serpents. while the demon host can only compare with frogs. Therefore, giving up obstinacy, devise some means of safety before the serpents devour them."

When the foolish Ravana, Who was known all the world over ofr his haughtiness, heard Mandodari's admonition, he roared with laughter, "A woman is timorous by nature,  is is truly said. She entertains fear even on an auspicious occasion; for her mind is very weak. If themonkey host comes, the poor demons would feast on them and sustain themselves. The very guardiansof the spheres tremble ofr fear of me; how ridiculous that you, my wife, should be afraid!" So saying he laughed and embraced her and then left for his council-chanber echibiting great fondness for her, Mandodari, however, felt troubled at heart and thought that heaven had turned against her lord. As he occupied his royalseat in the council-Chamber, he received intelligence that all the invading host had arrived on the other side of ocean. He thereupon asked his councillors : "Give me proper advice." They however, laughed and submitted. "Only remain quiet, my lord, Your Majesty experienced no difficulty when you conquered the godsand demons. Of what account, then, can men and monkeys be ?"

When a minister, a physician and a religious preceptor-these three use pleasing words from fear or hopeof reward, the result is that dominion,health and faith-all the three forthwith go to the dogs.

It was such a contingency that presented itself before Ravana. They all extolled him only to his face. Perceiving it to be an opporune hour. Vibhisana ( Ravana's youngest brother ) arrived and bowed his head at his brother's feet. Bowing his head oncemorehe occupied his own seat and, when ordered to speak, addressed him thus : "Since Your gracious Majesty has asked me my opinion I tender it, dear brother, according tomyown lights and in your interest. Let him who seeks after his welfare, good reputation, wisdom. a good destiny after his death and joys of various kinds turn his eyes away from the brow of another's wife even as one should rfuse to see the moon on the fourth night ( of the bright half ) of a junar month. Even though a man happened to be the sole lord of the fourteen spheres. he would certainly fall if he turned hostile to living beings. No one will speak well of a man who has the slightest avarice even if he were an ocean of virtues and clever too.

"Lust anger, vanity and covetousness are all paths leading to hell. Abjuring, all these adore the Hero of Raghu's line, whom saints worship.

Sri Rama, dear brother, is no mere human king; He is the Lord of the universe and the Death of Death himself. He is the Brahma ( Absolute ) who is free from the malady of Maya, the unborn God, all-pervading, invincible, without beginning or end. An ocean of compassion,He has assumed the formof a hunan being for the good of Earth, the Brahmana, the cow and the gods. Listen, brother : He delights his devotees and  dreaks the ranksof the impious and is the championof the Vedas and true religion. Giving up enmity with Him, bow your head to Him; My master, restore Videha's Daughter to the Lord Sri Rama, and adore Him. the disinterested, friend of all. On being approached, he forsakes ont even him who has incurred sin by wishing ill to the whole world. Bear this in mind, Ravana " the same Lord whose Name destroys the threefold agony has manifested Himself ( in human form ).

"Again and again I fall at your feet and pray you, Ravana " abandoing pride, infatuation and arrogance, adore the Lord of Kosala. The sage pulastya ( our grand-father ) had sent this message to us through a disciple of his. Availing myself of this golden opportunity, dear brother. I have immediately conveyed it to you."

Ravana had a very old and sagacious minister named Malyavan. He felt much gratified to hear Vibhisana's words. "Your younger brother, dear son. is the very ornament of wisdom. Therefore, take to heart what vibhisana says." "Both these fools glorigy the enemy ! Is there no one here who will remove them out of my sight ?" Malyavan thereupon returned to his residence. while Vibhisana hegan again with joined palms : "Wisdom and unwisdom dwell in the heart of all : so declare the puranas and Vedas, my lord. Where there is wisdom, prosperity of every kind reigns; and where there is unwisdom misfortune is the inevitable end. perversity has obviously taken possession of your heart; that is why you account your friends as foes and your enemies as friends. And that is why you are so very fond of Sita. who is the very night of destruction for the demon race."

"Clasping your feet I beseech you : grant this prayerof mine as a token of affection for me. Restore Sita to Rama so that no harm may come to you."

Vibhisana spske wisdom and that too in words that had the approval of the wise, as well as of the puranas and Vedas. Ravana, however, rose in a fury as soon as he heard them. "O wretch, your death is imminent now. O fool, you have always lived on my generosity; yet, O dullard, you have favoured the enemy's cause. Tell me, wretch, if there is any one in this world whom I have failed to conquer by the might of my arm. Dwelling in my capital you cherish love for the hermits ! If so, go and join hands with them, O fool, and teach wisdom to them." So saying, he kicked his younger brother, who in his turn clasped his borther's feet again and again. Uma. here lies the greatness of a saint, who returns good for evil. "It is wellyou have beaten me, since you are like a father to me. But your welfare. my lord, lies in adoring Sri Rama." Taking his ministers with him Vibhisana departed through the air exclaiming so as to make himself heard by all:-


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