I adore the Lord of the universe bearing the name of Rama, the Chief of Raghu's line and the crest-jewel of kings, the mine of compassion, the dispeller of all sins, appearing in human form through His Maya ( deluding potency ), the greatest of all gods, knowable through vedanta ( the Upanisads ), constantly worshipped by Brahma ( the Creator ), Sambhu ( Lord Siva ) and Sesa ( the serpent-god ), the bestower of supreme peace in the form of final beatitude, placid, eternal, beyond the ordinary means of cognition, sinless and all-pervading,

There is no other craving in my heart, O Lord of the Raghus : I speak the truth and You are the Spirit indwelling the hearts of all. Grant me intense devotion to Your feet, O crest-jewel of Raghus, and free my mind from faults like concupiscence etc.

I bow to the son of the wind-god, the beloved devotee of Sri Rama ( the Lord of the Raghus ), the chief of the monkeys, the repository of all virtues, the foremost among the wise, a fire to consume the forest of the demon race, possessing a body shining as a mountain of gold and a home of immeasurable strenght.

Hanuman was much delighted at heart to hear the heartening speech of jambavan. He said, "Suffering hardships and living on bulbs, roots and fruits, wait for me, brethren, till I return after seeing Sita. I am sure our object will be accomplished as I feel very cheerful." So saying and after bowing his head to them all he set out full of joy with an image of Sri Rama ( the Lord of the Raghus ) enshrined in his heart. There was a beautiful hill on the sea-coast; he lightly sprang on to its top. And invoking the Hero of Raghus line again and again, the son of the wind-god took a leap with all his might. The hill on which Hanuman planted his foot while leaping sank down immediately into the nethermost region  ( Patala ). Hanuman sped forth in the same way as the unerring shaft of Sri Rama ( the Lord of the Raghus ). Knowing him to be Sri Rama's emissary, the deity presiding over the ocean spoke to mount Mainaka *, "Relieve him fatigue, O Mainaka ( by allowing him to rest on you )."


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