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necessary entries may kindly be made in service book

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सेवापुस्तकात आवश्यक नोंद करण्यात याव्या

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pass-book   book jacket   deposit-book   Public Service Commission   reference service   dividend book   may please see   farm book-keeping   kindly confirm and copy may be furnished   for favour of doing the needful/necessary action   dead book   horn book   service line   air service   warehouse-book   Corresponding entries   please reconcile the discrepancy in the entries   lock in period(for investents made in)   plug and minus entries   made work   no action necessary   necessary easement   may also collect the original certificates from the Recruitment Section   book of certificates   National Extension Service Sub Committee   cooperative book buying   book adjustment slip   debenture interest book   book number   reminder may please be issued/sent   after sales service   security service   Drawing and Book Binding Teacher   commencement of service   book mark   local service   revised draft may be put up   efficient service   absent in spite of service of summons   cancellation of service   general state service   discrepancy may be reconciled   Service Hospital   income for service rendered   diplomatic service   his name may be deleted   analytical petty cash-book   broadcast service   may be execused   service sheet   abnormal book   absolutely necessary   abstracting service   acceptances book/register   accession book   accession book/register   accident book   according to the length of service   Accountant's book   account book   active service   actual service   Adjusting entries   advance arrangement made   advertisement not necessary   advice book   advisory service   Aerodromes and air route service   Aeronautical communication service   aftercare service   after sale service   aftersale service   after sales service   agricultural extension service   air mail service   air service   All India Service   allotment book   allusion book   amateur service   amendment made to   analytical petty cash-book   answer book   apoeryphal book   applciation book   application and allotment book   application book   Approved service   armorial book plate   artificial composite book   as far as may be   as may be necessary   as near as may be   as nearly as may be   as per cash book   associated book   associated book note   association book   as soon as convinently may be   as soon as may be   
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