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landed cost

उतरने तक की लागत, आयातित माल की लागत

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landed   imputed cost   terminal cost   running cost   implict cost   cost-of-living index   landed estate   multiple cost   labour cost   conversion cost   sunk cost   transaction cost   average factor cost   money cost   marginal factor cost   cost schedule   allocated overheads cost   long run cost curve   direct labour cost   landed price   cost over run   cost of manufacturing   operation cost center   margin to cost   budgeted cost   Cost Insurance Freight value   Inclusive rate of cost   wage cost   cost of sale   cost covering basis   controllable cost variance   cost variance   response cost contingencies   uncontrollable cost   job-cost unit   unit cost of operation   comparative cost theory   stand-by cost   cost plus profit basis   cost unit   cost of living wage   process cost centre   independent cost   cost of acquisition   average variable cost   cost consciousness   cost of cultivation   Cost Accounts Officer   construction cost   order getting cost   abnormal cost   absolute cost   abstract of cost   accessory cost   acquisition cost   actual cost   actual cost of transporting   administrative cost   allocated overheads cost   alternate cost   alternative cost   annual cost   appreciation of cost   approximate cost   apprximate cost   at factor cost   at the cost of   average annual cost of repairs   average-backlog penalty cost   average cost   average factor cost   average variable cost   basic cost   benefit cost ratio   book cost   break even cost analysis   budgeted cost   budget head to which the cost of the indent is debitable   building cost index   bulkline cost   burden cost   Capital cost   capitalised cost   capitallised cost method   carrying cost   Ceiling cost   certificate of cost   collection cost   committed cost   common cost   comparative cost   comparative cost theory   compensatory cost of living allowance   constant cost   construction cost   contract cost   controllable cost   controllable cost variance   conversion cost   cost   
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indeterminate cleavage

  • Zool. (cleavage in which all the early cleavage cells possess the potencies of the entire zygote) अनिश्चित विदरण 

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