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corrected sum of squares

सुधारित वर्गबेरीज

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sum   sum of squares   law of least squares   Sum total   reduced error sum of squares   gross sum   sum and substance   least squares   residual sum of squares   within sum of squares   minimising error sum of squares   vector sum   limp sum freight   error sum of aquares   sum of money   lump sum tax   corrected lens   colour corrected   corrected copy   corrected moment   corrected slurry   corrected probit   generalised least squares estimator   Lancaster's partition of chi-squares   internal least squares   least squares method   least squares fitting   least squares theory   round sum remittance   surplus sum   Lump sum provision   non-zero sum game   factorial sum   sum function   limiting sum   algebric sum   lump freight(=lump sum freight)   penal rent/sum   Net sum rquired for payment   true sum   lump sum transfer   principal sum   liquidated sum   lump-sum appropriation   two-person constant-sum game   unreasonable sum   Lump sum grant   upper sum   sum insured   Sum above 50 paise should be considered as a whole rupee and that below 50 paise should be veglected   algebric sum   between sum of squares   boll squares   capital sum   colour corrected   conjugate latin squares   corrected   cumulative sum   discounted least squares method   extreme rank sum test   factorial sum   generalised least squares estimator   gross sum   in lump sum   internal least squares   Lancaster's partition of chi-squares   law of least squares   least squares   least squares estimator   least squares fitting   least squares method   least squares theory   limiting sum   liquidated sum   lower sum   lump sum   minimising error sum of squares   orthogonal squares   partial sum   penal sum   power sum   principal sum   redeem in lump sum   reduced error sum of squares   residual sum of squares   species of latin squares   sum   sum of squares   surplus sum   three-stage least squares   true sum   two-stage least squares   unordered sum   unrealisable sum   unreasonable sum   upper sum   vector sum   weighted sum of squares   Wilcoxon rank sum test   within sum of squares   
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