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bring into conformity with

-शी अनुरुप करणे

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conformity   non-conformity   bring   bring forward   In conformity with -   bring into conformity with   bring round   bring up   bring home to   bring to book   bring to the notice   bring to notice   conformity pressure   conformity behaviour   counter-conformity   strict conformity with the standard   in conformity with judgement   in conformity of....   bring advancement into hotchpotch   bring about   to bring to the notice of   bring to hammer   bring against   bring action to trial   bring out   bring in question upon record   bring action   bring suit   It is therefore necessary to bring the expenditure to the notice of Legislature   with respect to   leave with pay   with due regard to   with pay   with reference to   with regard to   With retrospective effect   with the result that   in accordance with   In conformity with -   in consonance with   rest with   unconformity with overlap   admission with permission   cash with order   entrust with duty   process with independent increments   quick with child   resubmitted with previous papers   seen, file with previous papers   with a view to   Accounts with colonial Government   Accounts with Reserve Bank of India   admission with permission   after consultation with   aid with strings   appeal is dismissed with costs   apply with retrospective effect   approach government with a complaint   as compared with   at variance with   balances with banks outside India   balances with Reserve Bank of India   battery with cells in parallel   battery with cells in series   beaker with spout   become familiar with   boiling with forced circulation   bonds with equity warrants   bond with surety   book with translation   bring   buy into   cannot cope with the rush of work   case should be dealt with promptly   cash balance with the public   cash on hand with banks   cash with order   charge for services rendered in connection with   charge one with   Close approximation to and not an exact coincedence with the actuals   company with limited liability   compared with   compare with the corresponding forecast of the preceding year   complied with   comply with   comply with instructions/orders/requirements   comply with the requirments   composition with creditor   composition with creditors   confer with....   connected with   consistent with   consultation with finance department is necessary   conterminous with the limits   convergence with probability-1   conversent with   correspondence ending with   correspondence resting with your letter   correspondence resting with your memo no.   correspond with   
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