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A.B.C. detergent   a.c.   a.c. bell   a.c.d.c. impedance ratio   a.c.d.c. receiver   a.c. generator   a.c. plate resistance   a.c. resistance   A.C.S.R. conductor   a.e.   a.f.   A.F.C.   a.h.m.   A.M.   a.m.u.   A.N.   A.N.F.   A.O.B.   A.P.M.   A.P.T.   A.R.   a.t.   A.U.   a.w.u.   A1   a.   a^   A   a'   a-   a=   a~   a"   a*   a#   aabridged   a-aminobenzoic acid   A-amplifier   aaqueous electrolysis   aaqueous solution   AAR   aarchetypal novel   aareal measurement   Aaron's rod   AAR policy   aarsenical copper   aartificial sand   AAS   Aasho test   aatomic absorption coefficient   aatomiser test   ab-   abaca   abactinal   abactinally   abactor   abacus   ABALA   Abalienate   abalienation   abampere   abamurus   abandon   abandoned   abandoned child   abandonee   abandoner   abandonment   abandonment of claim   abandonment of domicile   abandonment of easement   abandonment of office   abandonment of patent   abandonment of pleadings   abandonment of property   abandonment of wife   Ab ante   abase   abasement   abasement need   abash   abatable   abate   abatement   abatement of duty   abatement of legacies   abatement of purchase money   abatement of rent   Abatement of revenue   abatement of suit   abater   abating   abatis   abatjoun   abatment of nuisance   abator   A battery   abattoir   abaxial   abbe condenser   
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  • A notorious harlot who lived in dvāpara yuga. When one day at midnight she came to the appointed place to meet a paramour the latter had not arrived. While waiting impatiently there she was attacked and killed by a leopard. Emissaries of Viṣṇu as also of Yama arrived to carry away the soul of Cañcalākṣī. Yama's men argued that she had sinned throughout her life, and therefore claimed the harlot's soul. But the emissaries of Visṇu countered the argument thus: “once on her way to conduct her trade Cañcalākṣī got into a temple and munched tāmbūla in the course of which she rubbed some lime on the walls of the temple. Taking into consideration this fact of her having spent sometime thus to clean the temple wall her soul deserves to be led to Viṣṇuloka”. In the argument the emissaries of Yama were defeated and the soul of Cañcalākṣī was taken to Vaikuṇṭha by the emissaries of Viṣṇu. [Padma Purāṇa, Chapter 6]. 

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एखाद्या वास्तुला वास्तुशास्त्रानुसार कोणतेच उपाय नसल्यास, मग कांहीे उपाय आहे काय?
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Don't follow traditions blindly or ignore them. Don't assume a superstition either. Don't be intentionally ignorant. Ask us!!
Hindu customs are all about Symbolism. Let us tell you the thought behind those traditions.
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