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 m  The hand, a hand. A mate. A subordinate, an agent, a lieutenant.
The hand, a hand. Pr. दोन ह0 आणि तिसरा मस्तक Used to express that all that can be given is a motion of the hands and the head in salutation. 2 fig. A mate, an assistant, the hand of.
ना.  मदतनीस , सहाय्यक , साथी , हाताखालचा माणूस ;
ना.  अडत्या , एजंट , गुमास्ता .
हस्तकः [hastakḥ]   1 A hand.
The position of the hand.
A measure of length.
A turn-spit.
हस्तक  f. m. the hand (ifc.with f(इका). = ‘holding in the hand’), [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.
the hand as a support, [Gīt.]
the as a measure of length, [ŚārṅgS.]
position of the , [Cat.]
हस्तिक   a turn-spit (v.l.), [Hcar.]

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