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हरणम् [haraṇam]   [हृ-भावे ल्युट्]
Seizing, taking.
Carrying away, carrying off, removing, stealing; कन्याहरणम् [Ms. 3.33;] धेनुवत्सहरणम् [R.11.74.]
Depriving of, destroying; as in प्राणहरणम्.
A gift to a student.
The arm.
Semen virile.
A nuptial present, (= यौतक q. v.); आजग्मुः खाण्डवप्रस्थ- मादाय हरणं बहु [Mb.1.221.33.]
A shell, cowrie.
Boiling water.

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