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हति - hatiḥ

हतिः [hatiḥ]  f. f. [हन-भावे-क्तिन्]
Killing, destruction; वृत्रहत्यै यथा देवाः परिवबुः पुरंदरम् [Mb.7.153.37.]
Striking, wounding.
A blow, stroke.
Loss, failure.
A defect.
हति  f. f. striking, a stroke or blow with (comp.), [Gīt.]; [Sarasv.]
killing, destroying, destruction, removal, [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.
disappearance, loss, absence, [Kap.]
(in arithm.) multiplication, [Āryabh.] Sch.

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