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शालीन  mfn. amf()n. having a fixed house or abode, settled, established, domestic, [Āpast.]; [Baudh.]
impotent (in a partic. manner), [Nār.]
अम्  n. shy, bashful, modest, [Kāv.]; [Pur.] (ind., [Naiṣ.])
like, resembling, [W.]
शालीन  m. m. an opulent householder, one who devotes himself to household or worldly affairs, ib.
शालीन  n. n. bashfulness, modesty, humility, (esp.) taking alms without begging, [BhP.]
शालीन   b &c. See p. 1067, col. 3.

शालीन [śālīna] a.  a. [शालाप्रवेशमर्हति, शाला-ख]
Modest, bashful, shy, retiring; निसर्गशालीनः स्त्रीजनः [M.4;] शशाक शालीनतया न वक्तुम् [R.6.81;18.17;] [Śi.16.83.]
Like, resembling.-नः A householder. (-शालीनीकृ 'to make humble, humiliate'.)
नम् Bashfulness, modesty.
Taking alms without begging (अयाचितवृत्ति); वार्ता सञ्चयशालीनशिलोञ्छ इति वै गृहे [Bhāg.3.12.42.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
शालीन  mfn.  (-नः-ना-नं)
1. Ashamed, bashful.
2. Like, resembling.
 m.  (-नः) An opulent house-holder, one who devotes his attention to worldly affairs.
E. शाला a house, aff, (fit or worthy to enter it.)
See also: शाला -

वि.  नम्र , लाजाळू , विनयशील , विनीत , सभ्य .

वि.  लाजाळू ; नम्र ; विनीत . शालिनी पहा . [ सं . ]
०ता  स्त्री. सभ्यता ; विनय ; लाजाळूपणा . [ सं . ]

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