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शंकराचार्य   a See below.
शंकराचार्य  m. bm.N. of various teachers and authors, (esp.) of a celebrated teacher of the वेदान्त philosophy and reviver of Brāhmanism (he is thought to have lived between A.D. 788 and 820, but according to tradition he flourished 200 B.C., and was a native of केरल or Malabar; all accounts describe him as having led an erratic controversial life; his learning and sanctity were in such repute that he was held to have been an incarnation of शिव, and to have worked various miracles; he is said to have died at the age of thirty-two, and to have had four principal disciples, called पद्म-पाद, हस्तामलक, सुरेश्वर or मन्दन, and त्रोटक; another of his disciples, आनन्द-गिरि, wrote a history of his controversial exploits, called शंकर-विजयq.v.; tradition makes him the founder of one of the principal शैव sects, the दश-नामि-दण्डिन्s or ‘Ten-named Mendicants’ [RTL. 87]; he is the reputed author of a large number of original works, such as the आत्म-बोध, आनन्द-लहरी, ज्ञान-बोधिनी, मणि-रत्न-माला, &c.; and commentaries on the उपनिषद्s, and on the ब्रह्म-मीमांसा or वेदान्त-सूत्र, भगवद्गीता, and महा-भारत, &c.), [IW. 46]; [RTL. 53]

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The designation of the celebrated teacher of the Wedánt philosophy. He is stated to be an incarnation of Shiva. 2 Applied also to the Sunyásí presiding over the several मठ or colleges established by him.

 पु. १ वेदान्त तत्त्वज्ञानप्रवर्तक एका धर्मगुरूची पदवी . २ ( ल . ) मठाधिपति ; धर्मगुरु ; पीठाधिष्ठित व्यक्ति . थोडया दिवसांपूर्वी रोम येथील ख्रिस्ती शंकराचार्यांनीं ब्रुनोस संतमालिकेंत गोवून , एका प्रसिध्द ठिकाणीं त्याच्या पुतळयाची स्थापना केली . - आगर ३ . ५३ . ३ एक मतप्रवर्तक आचार्य , गुरु . ४ स्वामी . वरील आचार्यांनीं ठिकठिकाणीं स्थापन केलेल्या मठांतील अधिपति [ सं . ] शंकराचारी - पु . ( अप ) मठाधिपति . शंकराचारीस साह्य जाले । - दावि ४२८ .

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