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वेङ्कट  m. m. (Prākṛt for व्यङ्कट) N. of a very sacred hill in the द्राविड country (in the district of North Arcot, about 80 miles from Madras; it reaches an elevation of about 2,500 feet above the sea-level, and on the summit is the celebrated temple dedicated to कृष्ण or विष्णु in his character of ‘Lord of वेङ्कट’, also called श्री-पति or Tirupati, whence the hill is sometimes popularly known as त्रि-पती; it is annually thronged with thousands of pilgrims, [RTL. 267]), [BhP.]
of a king of विजय-नगर (the patron. of अप्पयदीक्षित), [Cat.]
अध्वरिन्   (also with , आचार्य, कवि, भट्ट, यज्वन्, योगिन् &c.) N. of various authors and teachers, ib.

वेङ्कटः [vēṅkaṭḥ] वेङ्कटाद्रिः [vēṅkaṭādriḥ] गिरिः [giriḥ]   वेङ्कटाद्रिः गिरिः N. of a mountain (तिरुपति).

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