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वृहत्   See बृहत् under √ 2.बृह्.

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वृहत्  mfn.  (-हन्-हती-हत्)
1. Great, large.
2. Great, much.
 f.  (-हती)
1. A small kind of egg-plant, (Solanum melongena.)
2. A kind of prickly nightshade, (Solanum hirsutum.)
3. A large lute.
4. A form of metre, the stanza of which consists of thirty-six syllables. 5. A mantle, a wrapper.
6. A reservoir, a place containing water. 7. Speech.
E. वृह् to grow or increase, Unādi aff. अति, with the effect of the participial aff. शतृ .

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