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viṭhṭhala m The name of a much-worshiped god at पंढरपूर. He is stated to be Krishn̤a himself, who is believed to have visited this city. He is much resorted to by the low and mean and despised of all descriptions. Hence a descriptive derivation has been invented for his name, viz. वि from वित् Knowledge or understanding, ठ Cypher, i. e. Privation, destitution, and ल for लाति He takes. Thus वित्, ठ, ल form विठ्ठल, and acquire the sense Receiver of the ignorant and the destitute of understanding.


 पु. पंढरपूरची प्रसिध्द देवता . [ सं . वित् ‍ = ज्ञान + ठ = शून्य , + ल = परिपालक . अज्ञानांचा कैवारी ; विष्णु - विठु + ल ; का ? ] विठ्ठलपंती तांब्या - पु . विठ्ठलपंत नांवाच्या मनुष्यानें प्रचारांत आणलेल्या घाटाचा तांब्या . विठ्ठल सवाशीण , विठ्ठल सवाष्ण - स्त्री . जीस विठ्ठल हाच केवळ आधार आहे अशी स्त्री , विधवा ; विकेशा विधवा . गतभर्तृकेच्या मनांत तसला झोंक पाहिजे असेल तर तिनें अगोदर विठ्ठलसवाष्ण झालें पाहिजे - अफला .

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