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लङ्घनीय  mfn. mfn. to be lept or passed over, to be crossed or traversed, [Kathās.]
अ-ल्°   to be reached or caught or overtaken (), [Śak.]
See also: - ल्°
to be transgressed or violated, [Cat.]
to be insulted or injured, [Pañcat.]

लङ्घनीय [laṅghanīya] लङ्घ्य [laṅghya]   लङ्घ्य a.
To be traversed or passed over, passable.
To be violated.
To be overtaken; आत्मोद्धतैरपि रजोभिरलङ्घनीयाः [Ś.1.8.]
To be neglected, or disregarded; मृदुर्हि राजा सततं लङ्घ्यो भवति सर्वशः [Mb.12.] 56.21.
To be fasted; see लङ्घ्.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
लङ्घनीय  mfn.  (-यः-या-यं)
1. To be passed.
2. Transgressible.
3. To be fasted.
E. लघि to go, अनीयर् aff.; also लङ्घ्य and लङ्घितव्य .

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