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लङ्घनम् [laṅghanam]   [लङ्घ्-ल्युट्]
Leaping, jumping.
Going by leaps, traversing, passing over, going, motion in general; यूयमेव पथि शीघ्रलङ्घनाः Ghaṭ.8.
Mounting, ascending, rising up to (fig. also); नभोलङ्घना [R.16.33;] जनोऽयमुच्चैःपदलङ्घनोत्सुकः [Ku.5.64] 'wishing to attain or aspire to a high position'.
Assulting, storming, capturing; as in दुर्गलङ्घनम्.
Exceeding, going beyond, overstepping, violating, transgression; आज्ञा- लङ्घनम्, नियमलङ्घनम् &c.
Disregarding, despising, treating with contempt, slighting; प्रणिपातलङ्घनं प्रमार्ष्टुकामा [V.3;] [M.3.22.]
An offence, affront, insult.
A harm, an injury; as in आतपलङ्घनम् q. v.
Fasting, abstinence; प्रचक्रमे लङ्घनपूर्वकं क्रमः [Śi.12.25] (where it menans 'leaping' also).
One of the paces of a horse.
Sexual union, impregnating.

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