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राम—चन्द्र  m. m.-moon’, N. of the principal राम called दाशरथि, as son of दश-रथ, and राघव, as descended from रघु (although the affix चन्द्र seems to connect him with the moon, he is not, like कृष्ण and बल-राम, of the lunar but of the solar race of kings; he forms the 7th अवतार of विष्णु and is the hero of the रामायण, who, to recover his faithful wife सीता, advanced southwards, killed the demon रावण and subjugated his followers the राक्षसs, the poetical representatives of the barbarous aborigines of the south), [RāmatUp.] ([IW. 330]; [RTL. 110])
आचार्य   N. of various kings and authors &c. (also with , कवि, क्षिति-पति, चक्र-वर्तिन्, दण्डिन्, दीक्षीत, नैमिष-स्थ or वाजपेयिन्, न्याय-वाग्-ईश, परम-हंस, पाठक, भट्ट, भट्टा-चार्य, भार्गव, भिषज्, मिश्र, यज्वन्, यती-श्वर, वाचस्-पति, शास्त्रिन्, सारस्वती, सिद्ध &c.), [Cat.]

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रामचन्द्र  m.  (-न्द्रः) The hero RĀMACHANDRA, the son of DASARATHA.
E. राम and चन्द्र the moon, the moon-like RĀMA.

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