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राज्   1. (prob. originally two roots; cf.रज्रञ्ज्, ऋञ्ज्) cl. 1. Ā.P. ([Dhātup. xix, 74]) रा॑जति, °ते (Ved. also राष्टि, राट्; pf.रराज; रराजे or रेजे, 2. sg.P.रराजिथ or रेजिथ, [MBh.] &c.; aor.अराजिषुः, [RV.]; अराजिष्टGr.; fut.राजिता, राजिष्यति, ib.; inf.राज॑से, [RV.]),
to reign, be king or chief, rule over (gen.), direct, govern (acc.), [RV.] &c. &c.;
to be illustrious or resplendent, shine, glitter, ib.;
to appear as or like (इव), [Kum. vi, 49] :
Caus.राजयति, °ते (aor.अरराजत्), to reign, rule, [AV.]; [MBh.];
to illuminate, make radiant (cf.राजित) :
Desid.रिराजिषति, °तेGr.:
Intens.राराज्यते, राराष्टि, ib.[For cognate words See under राजन्.]
राज्  mfn. 2.mfn. (ifc.) shining, radiant &c.
राज्  m. m. () (nom.रा॑ट्) a king, sovereign, chief (in later language only ifc.), [RV.] &c. &c.
शङ्ख-र्°   anything the best or chief of its kind (cf.)
N. of an एकाह, [ŚrS.]
a kind of metre, [RPrāt.]
राज्  f. f.N. of a goddess (explained by राजमाना), [TBr.]

राज् [rāj]   1 U. (राजति-ते, राजित)
(a) To shine, glitter, appear splendid or beautiful, be eminent; रेजे ग्रहमयीव सा [Bh.1.17;] तस्याः प्रविष्टा नतनाभिरन्ध्रं रराज तन्वी नवलोमराजिः [Ku.1.38;] राजन् राजति वीरवैरिवनितावैधव्यदस्ते भुजः [K.P.1;] [R.3.7;] [Ki.4.24;11.6.] (b) To appear or look (like), shine (like); तोयान्तर्भास्करालीव रेजे मुनिपरंपरा [Ku. 6.49.]
To rule, govern.
To direct, regulate.
To be the first or chief, be at the head. -Caus. (राजयति-ते) To cause to shine, illuminate, brighten.
राज् [rāj]  m. m.,
राजः A king, chief, prince.
Anything best of its kind; सोऽम्बुजो हरिणाध्मातः सर्वप्राणेन शङ्खराट् [Rām.7.7.1;] (adjective also in this sense).

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
राज् (ऋ,) राजृ   r. 1st cl. (राजति-ते or irregularly रेजते) To shine: With निर् prefixed, To overcome, to subdue. Caus. (राजयति-ते)
राज् (ऋ,) राजृ   With निस् 1. To adorn, to illuminate.
राज् (ऋ,) राजृ   2. To wave light before an idol or a king, (as an act of worship.)
राज्  m.  (-राट्) A king, a monarch or prince.
E. राज् to shine, aff. क्विप् .

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