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   { yūthya }
Script: Devanagari


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यूथ्य  mfn. mfn. belonging to a herd or flock, [RV.]
वर्ग्यादि   (ifc.) belonging to the troop or herd of g.


यूथ्य [yūthya] a.  a. [यूथ-यत्]
Belonging to a troop or herd (at the end of comp.); सिंहेन क्रुद्धेन यथाश्वयूथ्या महाबला भीम- बलेन तद्वत् [Mb.8.89.8.]
Belonging to a herd or flock, being at the head of a herd.
-थ्या   A herd, flock.

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