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 m  An end of a cloth. An ornamental border. A fold. Affinity. Lap or any cloth opened out to receive, The state of possessing or owning. Asylum or place of refuge. Appertainment, dependence as आपले पदरचा माणूस. One's private purse. A coating or fold. The ceremony of changing the mode of attiring a girl on her attaining to puberty. The first appearing of the menstrual discharge, the indication of puberty.
एकपदरीवर येणें   To begin to use the singular number in addressing a person.
प० खरचणें, खाणें, मोडणें   To live at one's own cost.
प० घालणें   To cast the mantle, shroud, cloak over.
प० घालणें, देणें (दिध्यास)   To flap out (a light).
प० चालणें, मरणें, गमावणें   To lose in a concern. Of one's own; appertaining or relating to self. Ex. पदरचा पैका, पदरचा माणूस-शब्द-कल्पना. &c.
प० चें पाप देणार नाहीं.   He will not give away even his sin. Said of an extra-ordinary miser.
प० पसरणें.   To supplicate abjectly or earnestly.
प० फाडून देणें   To dissolve a connection (esp. that of matrimony).
पदरांत, पदरीं पडणें   To fall into the lap of; to be gained or won or overcome by, and disposed of, lit. fig.; as आजचा दिवस पदरीं पडला (उद्यांचें उद्यां पाहूं) To-day has been provided for. To fall into the possession of; to be found by.
पदराला, पदरास गांठ बाधणें, मारणें   To commit to memory; to charge one's self to remember.
पदराला, स खांच पडणें   To sustain a loss.
पदराला, स खार लागणें-पडणें-लाविणें-लावून घेणें   &c. See these phrases खार लाविणें under खार.
पदरीं असणें   To be under the care or protection of: also to be in the possession of.
पदरीं घालणें   To deliver to.
पदरी माप घालणें   To force convietion upon; to charge home upon.
पदरीं घेणें   To acknowledge or admit; to accept as just. To accept under one's skirt (protection).
पदरीं धरणें   To catch and convict (a criminal) by evidence with himself.
पदरीं पडलें पवित्र झालें   Bad or good it has fallen to me, and I must hold it as pure.
by evidence with himself. पदरीं पडलें पवित्र झालें Bad or good it has fallen to me, and I must hold it as pure.

Related Words

पदर पसरणें   पदर येणें   पदर   पदर पसरुन मागणें   डोळ्यांना पदर लावणें   पदर धरणें   पदरान पदर   पदर फाडून देणें   (डोक्यावरचा) पदर काढणें   माथ्यावरचा पदर टाकणें-उतरणें-पडणें   माथ्यार पदर, गांड उक्ती   डोईवरील पदर काढणें   डोईवरचा पदर टाकणें   खांद्याखालीं पदर   ढोईवरचा पदर काढणे   डोईवर पदर घेणें   पदर लागणें   नाकावर पदर येणें   पदर टाकणें   पदर घालणें   नाकाला-स पदर येणें   पदर घालणें-भरणें-गमावणें   घराला पदर असणें   नाकाला पदर लावणें-लागणें   पदर खरचणें-खाणें-मोडणें   आपला पदर मोडून गुजराण करणें   मायेचा पदर   दिव्यास पदर घालणें-देणें   डोक्‍यावर पदर, दिल्‍लीवर नजर   तोंडावर पदर येणें   नाकापर्यंत पदर आणि वेशीपर्यंत नजर   दैव आलें द्यायला अन्‌ पदर नाहीं घ्यायला   दिव्यास निरोप, पदर, फूल देणें   स्त्रीच्या नाकावर पदर येणें   देव आला द्यायाला, तों पदर नाहीं घ्यायाला   लंगोटी-लंगोटीचा पदर पसरणें   पदर उतरणें   पदर   
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