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ज्वल  m. m. ([Pāṇ. 3-1, 140]) flame, [W.]

ज्वल [jvala] a.  a. [ज्वल्-अच्]
Flaming, blazing.
Bright, brilliant.
-लः   Flame, blaze, light; लिम्पैरिव तनोर्वातैश्चेतयः स्याज्ज्वालो न कः [Bk.6.79.]

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ज्वल   r. 1st cl. (ज्वलति,) or with a prefix,
r. 10th cl. (प्रज्वलयति-ते)
1. To shine to blaze, to flame.
2. To be ardent.
3. To kindle
E. भ्वा-प-अक-सेट् चु० उ० .
ज्वल  mfn.  (-लः-ला-लं) Blazing, shining.
 m.  (-लः) Flame, blaze, light.
E. ज्वल् to blaze, affix अच्; also ज्वाल.

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