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चूर्ण  mfn. mfn. (√ चर्व्) minute, [VarBṛS. lxxxi, 6]
चूर्ण  n. m. ([[MBh.]; [VarBṛS.]]) n. powder flour, aromatic powder, pounded sandal, [ŚāṅkhŚr.]; KātyŚr.; [Kauś.]; [MBh.] &c. (ifc.[Pāṇ. 6-2, 134])
चूर्ण  m. m. chalk, lime, [VarBṛS. xxvii, 36]; [Prab. ii, 17] Sch.
N. of a man, [Vīrac. xv, xxviii]
चूर्ण  n. n. rice mixed with sesam, [Yājñ. i, 303]
a kind of easy prose, [Vām. i, 3, 25]
dividing a word by separating double consonant for obtaining a different sense (in a riddle, &c.), iv, 1, 7.

चूर्णः [cūrṇḥ] र्णम् [rṇam]   र्णम् [चूर्ण् कर्मणि अच्]
Dust; तत्राश्मचूर्णान्यपतन् पावकप्रकरा इव [Rām.1.171.3.]
Aromatic powder, pounded sandal, camphor &c.; भवति विफलप्रेरणा चूर्णमुष्टिः [Me.68.]
र्णः Chalk.
Pounding. -Comp.
-कारः   a limeburner.
-कुन्तलः   a curl, curly hair; समं केरलकान्तानां चूर्णकुन्तलवल्लिभिः [Vikr.4.2.]
खण्डः, ण्डम् gravel, pebble.
lime-stone nodule.-पदम् a peculiar exercise, walking backwards and forwards.
-पारदः   vermilion.
-मुष्टिः  f. f. a handful of perfume or powder.
-योगः   perfumed powder.
-राजः   It is the king of powders containing eight parts of 'asafoetida' and twentyseven parts 'bdellium'; [Mātaṅga. L.11.49.]

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चूर्ण   r. 1st cl. (चूर्णयति-ते)
1. To contract, to shrink, to close as an eye, to wink.
2. Throw, to send or direct.
3. To grind or pound.
E. चुरा-उभ-सक-सेट् .
चूर्ण  mn.  (-र्णः-र्णं)
1. Powder, any pulverulent or minute division of substance.
2. Chalk, lime.
3. Aromatic powder, pounded Sandal, &c.
4. Pounded camphor.
 f.  (-र्णी)
1. A Cowri, the shell used as a coin.
2. Selection of an unanswerable argument.
3. A river in Bengal.
4. The red powder scattered at the Holi festival.
5. Dust: see चूर्णि
E. चूर्ण् to pound, &c. affix. कर्मणि अच् . भावे अच् पेषणे .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
Powder or dust: also crumbs, particles, fragments. 2 Lime.

 न. १ पूड ; पीठ , भुकटी ; औषधादिकांची कुटून वस्त्रगाळ केल्लेली पूड ; बुकणी . २ चुना . [ सं . ]
०खंड  न. चुनखडी ; चुनखडीचा दगड . [ सं . चूर्ण = चुना + खंड = तुकडा ]

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
  Powder. Lime.

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