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चीरम् [cīram]   [चि-क्रन् दीर्घश्च; [Uṇ.2.26]]
A rag, a tattered cloth, a long stripe or garment; [Ms.6.6;] क्षौमं दुकूलमजिनं चीरं वल्कलमेव वा [Bhāg.7.13.39.]
A bark.
A cloth or garment in general; दर्भचीरं निव- स्याथ दण्डाजिनविभूषितः [Mb.3.39.23.]
A necklace of pearls consisting of four strings.
A stripe, stroke, line.
A manner of writing with strokes.
A crest.
The dress of a Buddhist priest. -Comp.
-परिग्रह, -वासस्   a.
clothed in bark; [Ku.6.92;] [Ms.11.12.]
dressed in rags or tatters. (-m.) an epithet of Śiva.
-भवन्ती   the elder sister of a wife.-मोचनम् N. of a Tīrtha; चीरमोचनतीर्थान्तर्गणरात्रं तपस्यता [Rāj. T.1.149.]

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