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चण्डी  f. af. (g.बह्व्-आदि) a passionate woman, vixen, [W.]
a term of endearment applied to a mistress, [W.]
N. of दुर्गा, [MBh. vi, 797]; [Hariv. 10233]; [Kathās. xi]
of a female attendant of दुर्गा
of उद्दालक's wife, [JaimBhār. xxiv, 1]
a short N. of the [Devīm.]
उच्   a metre of 4 x 13 syllables (cf.-, प्र-; अ-चण्डी, चाण्ड.)
चण्डी  n. 1.ind.
चण्डी  f. 2.f. of °डq.v.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
चण्डी  f.  (-ण्डी) DURGA: see चण्ड. चण्ड-वह्वा-वा ङीष् .

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