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गलित - galita

  Fallen, dropped, cast, shed. Fig. Sunken, shrunken, decayed, impaired.
गलितकाया  f  An emaciated body.
गलितकाय-देह-शरीर   Of an emaciated body.
गलितदंत   Of fallen teeth.
गलितयौवन   Of declining years.
गलितोंद्रिय   Of impaired senses.
Fallen, dropped, cast, shed. 2 Melted, fused, liquefied. 3 fig. Sunken, shrunken, decayed, impaired. Some compounds are गलित- काया f An emaciated body; गलितकाय-देह-शरीर- अंग a Of an emaciated body; गलितदंत-चक्षु-नास- केश-नख Of fallen teeth, eyes &c.; गलितचक्ष means further Of weeping or of oozing or running eyes; and गलितनास means Of a slabbering or running nose; गलितयौवन Of declining years; गलितेंद्रिय Of impaired senses, or organs of sense.
गलित [galita] p.p. p.  p. p. [गल्-क्त]
Dropped or fallen down.
Oozed, flowing.
Lost, vanished, deprived.
Untied, got loose.
Emptied, leaked away.
Decayed, impaired.
Decreased, exhausted; गलितविभवाश्चार्थिषु नृपाः [Bh.2.44.] -Comp.
-कुष्ठम्   advanced or incurable leprosy when the fingers and toes fall off; also गुलत्कुष्ठम्
-नखदन्त a.  a. one who has lost his claws and teeth. वृद्धो गलितनखदन्तो न कथं विश्वास- भूमिः [H.1.]
-दन्त a.  a. toothless.
-नयन a.  a. one who has lost his eyes, blind.
-यौवन a.  a. one who has lost the bloom or charm of youth, grown old; गलितयौवना कामिनी [Bh.2.56.]
-वयस् a.  a. being in the decline of age, in declining years; गलितवयसामिक्ष्वाकूणामिदं हि कुलव्रतम् [R.3.7.]
गलित  mfn. 1.mfn. dropped, oozed, trickling, [Hariv. 2]; [Ragh.]; [Amar.]
fallen down or off, loosed, [Megh. 45]; [Śiś. ix, 75]; [BhP. i, 1, 3 &c.]
lost, perished, decayed, [Ragh. iii, 70]; [Bhartṛ.] &c.
waning (as the moon), [VarBṛ. xiii, 8; xxiii, 8]
‘dropped’ (said of the verses omitted in the पद-पाठ of the [RV.] because of their occurrence in a previous passage), [VPrāt.] Sch.
गालित   for (liquefied, melted), [W.]
गलित  mfn. 2.mfn. swallowed, Pañcat. ii, 3, 10 not in B C.
गलित   a See √ 1. and √ 2.गल्.

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