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कर्षक - karṣaka

वि.  ओढणारा ; खेंचणारा . २ शेत करणारा ; नांगरणारा . ( सं . कृष् = ओढणें )
karṣaka a S That cultivates the soil; that ploughs or tills. 2 That pulls or draws.
कर्षक [karṣaka] a.  a. [कृष्-ण्वुल्] Who or what draws, attracts &c.
-कः   A cultivator, husbandman; [Y.2.265.] त्वं समीरण इव प्रतीक्षितः कर्षकेण वलजान्पुपूषता [Śi.14.7.]
कर्षक  mfn. mfn. pulling to and fro, dragging, tormenting, vexing, [AgP.]
ploughing, one who ploughs or lives by tillage, a husbandman, [Gaut.]; [MBh.]; [Yājñ. &c.]

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