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उपकरणम् [upakaraṇam]   1 Doing service or favour, helping, assisting.
Material, implement, instrument, means; यथैवोपकरणवतां जीवितं तथैव ते जीवितं स्यात् [Bṛi. Up.2.4.2.;] स्वेषूपकरणेषु [U.5;] ˚द्रव्यम् [Mk.3;] उपकरणीभावमायाति [U.3.3] serve as helping instruments, or assistants; परोप- कारोपकरणं शरीरम् [K.27;] so स्नान˚ bathing materials; [Pt.1;] व्यायाम˚ athletic materials; आत्मा परोपकरणीकृतः [H.2.24;] [K.8,12,198,24;] [Y.2.276,] [Ms.9.27.]
An engine, machine, apparatus, paraphernalia (in general).
Means of subsistence, anything supporting life.
A means or expedient; कर्म˚, वेद˚, यज्ञ˚ &c.
Fabricating, composing, elaborating.
The insignia of royalty.
The attendants of a king.-Comp.
-अर्थ a.  a. Suitable, requisite.

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