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उच् - uc

उच् [uc]   4 P. (उच्यति, उवोच, औचीत्, उचिष्यति, उचितुम्, उचित or उग्र mostly used in p. p.)
To collect, to gather together.
To take pleasure in, delight in, be fond of.
To be accustomed or used to.
To be suitable, suit, fit.
उच्   cl. 4. P.उच्यति (pf. 2. sg.उवो॑चिथ, [RV. vii, 37, 3]) Ā. (pf. 2. sg.ऊचिषे॑, [RV.]) to take pleasure in, delight in, be fond of [RV.];
to be accustomed;
to be suitable, suit, fit.

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