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अव  m. 1.m. favour, [RV. i, 128, 5]
निरवत्   (cf .)
अव  n. 2.ind. (as a prefix to verbs and verbal nouns expresses) off, away, down, [RV.] &c.
(exceptionally as a preposition with abl.) down from, [AV. vii, 55, I]
अव-कोकिल   (for another use of this preposition See .)
अव   3. (only gen.du.अवो॑र् with वाम्, ‘of you both’, corresponding to स॑ त्व॑म्, ‘thou’, &c.), this, [RV. vi, 67, 11; vii, 67, 4 and] (वा for वाम्), x, 132, 5
अव   [Zd.pron.; Slav.ovo; cf. also the syllable, αὐ in αὐτός, αὖ, αὖθι, &c.; Lat.au-t, औतेम्, &c.]

अवः [avḥ]   Favour; अग्नेरवेण मरुताम् [Rv.1.128.5.]
अव [ava]   ind. (the initial अ is sometimes dropped, as in पूर्वापरौ तोयनिधी वगाह्य [Ku.1.1])
(As a preposition) Away, off, away from, down; कृत्वा मुखान्यवशुचः श्वसनेन शुष्यत् [Bhāg.1.29.29.]
(As a prefix to verbs) It expresses (a) determination; अवधृ, अवसो; (b) diffusion, pervasion; अवकॄ-कीर्ण; (c) disrespect; अवज्ञा, अवमन्; (d) littleness; व्रीहीनवहन्ति; (e) support, resting upon; अवलम्ब्; (f.) purification, अवदात; (g) depreciation, discomfiture; अवहन्ति शत्रून् (पराभवति); (h) commanding; अवक्लृप्; (i) depression, bending down; अवतृ, अवगाह् (j) knowledge; अवगम्, अवइ.
As the first member of Tat. compounds it means अबक्रुष्ट; अवकोकिलः = अवक्रुष्टः कोकिलया [Sk.]
अव [ava] ब [b] ध्र [dhra]   (ब) ध्र a. Ved. Not injurious, innoxious, beneficent. See अवध.
अव [ava] ब [b] हित्था [hitthā] त्थम् [ttham]   (ब) हित्था त्थम् 1 Dissimulation in general.
Dissimulation or concealment of an internal feeling, regarded as one of the 33 subordinate feelings (व्यभिचारिभाव); भयगौरवलज्जादेर्हर्षाद्याकारगुप्तिरवहित्था [S. D.;] or according to R. G. व्रीडादिना निमित्तेन हर्षाद्यनुभावानां गोपनाय जनितो भावविशेषोऽवहित्थम्; for ex. see [Ku.6.84,] or [Bv.2.8.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
अव   r. 1st. cl. अवति
1. To keep, protect or defend.
2. To please. (The following meanings, although found in lists of roots, are rarely used:)
3. To move.
4. To excite affection or be lovely.
5. To satisfy.
6. To know or apprehend.
7. To enter.
8. To be near.
9. To own, to have a right.
10. To obey.
11. To act.
12. To desire.
13. To shine or be splendid.
14. To obtain.
15. To embrace.
16. To kill or hurt.
17. To take.
18. To be.
19. To grow. In place of 9, 17, and
18. as above, some read;
9. To be able.
17. To burn, and 18. To divide or share.
अव   ind. A preposition and prefix to words, corresponding to off, from, down from, out, away, &c. and implying;
1. Diminution.
2. Depre- ciation.
3. Diffusion.
4. Support, resting.
5. Commanding.
6. Purifying, correcting.
7. Knowledge.
8. Disrespect.
9. Nourishing. As अवगन्तु To go away; अवज्ञातुं To disrespect; अवतरितुं To come down, to descend; अवस्थातुं To remain in or on; अवहर्त्तुं To take off or away; also अवमः a low man; अवाक् reverse, behind; अवकोकिलः a koil with a bad voice, &c.

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
ava ind S A preposition and prefix to words; corresponding to From, down from, away; and implying diminution, deterioration &c. Examples occur in order.

शअ . बाहेर ; पासून खालीं ; पासून दूर , लांब . - उपसर्ग
न्यूनता ; र्‍हास ; कमीपणा . उ० अवदशा .
अनादर . उ० अवज्ञा , अवमान .
निश्चय . उ० अवधारण .
विस्तार ; व्याप ; पसारा . उ० अवकीर्ण .
आधार . उ० अवलंब .
खालीं ; खालीं जाणें . उ० अवतार , अवगाह . शिवाय अप पहा . [ सं . ]

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
ind   A preposition and prefix to words; corresponding to 'from' or 'away,' and implying diminution, &c.

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