Doha - 41
After much supplication and realizing that the Lord was pleased at heart, Narada joined his lotus palms and spoke as follows:--

"Listen, O Lord of Raghus, generous by nature as You are : You confer delightful boons that are unattainable as well as those that are attainable. Grant me, my master, only one boon that I ask of You, even though You already know it (even without my asking), indwelling as You do the hearts of all." You know my dispositon, dear sage " do I ever hide anything from my devotees? What object do I hold so dear, O chief of sages, that you may not ask it of Me? There is nothing which I may withhold from my votary : never give up this belief even by mistake." Then Narada gladly said, "This is the boon I presume to ask " even though my lord has many names, each greater than the rest, as the Vedas declare, let the name RAMA, my lord, surpass all other names in exterminating the whole brood of sins even as a fowler kills an entire flock of birds.

Doha - 42A-B
"May the name RAMA shine as the moon and the other names as so many stars in the cloudless sky of Your devotee's hear during the full-moon night of devotion to You." The all-merciful Lord of Raghus, replied to the sage, "So be it !" Thereupon Narada felt much delighted at heart and bowed at the Lord's feet.

Seeing the lord of Raghus so highly pleased, Narada spoke again in gentle tones--"listen, O Rama: When You impelled Your Maya (deluding potency) and infatuated me, O Lord of Raghus, I wanted to marry. Why, then, did You not let me accomplish my desire?" Listen, O sage : I tell you with all the emphasis at My command that I always take care of those who worship Me with u ndivided faith, even as a mother tends her child. If an infant child runs to catch hold of fire or a snake, the mother tends her child, If an infant child runs to catch hold of fire or a snake, the mother rescues it by drawing it aside. When, however, her son has grown up she loves him no doubt but not as before. The wise are like My grown up sons, while humble devotees are like My infant children. A devotee depends on Me, while the former (a wise man) depends on his own strength; and both have to face enemies like lust and anger, Pondering thus the prudent adore, Me and never take leave of devotion even after attaining wisdom.

Doha - 43
"Lust, anger, greed, pride etc., constitute the most powerful army of Ignorance, But among them all the fiercest and the most troublesome is that incarnation of Maya (the Lord's deluding potency) called woman.

"Listen, O sage : the puranas, the Vedas and the saints declare that woman is like the vernal season the forest of ignorance. Nay, like the hot season she dries up all the ponds and lakes of Japa (the muttering of prayers), austerity and religious observances. Again, lust, anger,pride and jealousy are so many frogs as it were; like the rainy season woman is the only agency that gladdens them all. Even so latent desires of a vicious type are like a bed of lilies, to which, like the autumn, she is ever agreeable. All the different virtues are like a bed of lotuses; like the middle of winter, woman, who is a source of base(sensuous) pleasure, blights them all. Again, the overgrowth of the Yavasa plant in the shape of mineaness flourishes when the close of winter in the shape of woman appears. For owls in the shape of sins woman is a delightful thick with darkness. Even so reason, strength, virtue and truth are all so many fishes as it were; and woman, so declare the wise, is like a hook to catch them.

Doha - 44
"A young woman is the root of all evil, a source of torment and a mine of all woes, Therefore, bearing this in mind, O sage, I prevented your marriage."

As the sage listened to the delightful discourse of Sri Rama (the Lord of Raghus), a thrill ran through his body and his eyes filled with tears. He said to himself, "Tell me, is there any other master whose wont it is to show such attachment and fondness for his servants? Men who refuse to worship such a lord shaking off all delusion are bankrupt of wisdom, dull-witted and wretched." The sage Narada again reverentially spoke to the Lord, "Listen, O Rama, who are well-versed in sacred lore : tell me, my lord Raghuvira (Hero of Raghu's line), the distinguishing marks of saints, O dispeller of the fear of transmigration." "I tell, you, dear sage, the qualities of saints, O dispeller of the fear of transmigration." "I tell you, dear sage, the qualities of saints, by virtue of which they hold Me in subjection. They are masters of the six passions (lust, anger, greed, infatuation, pride and jealousy), sinless, disinterested, firm, possessing nothing pure (both within and without), full of bliss, of boundless wisdom, desireless, moderate in diet, truthful, inspired, learned and united with God, circumspect, bestowing honour on others, free from pride, strong-minded and highly conversant with the course of Darma (righteousness).

Doha - 45
"They are abodes of virtue, above the sorrows of the world and free from doubt. Nothing besides. My lotus feet is dear to them, not even their body nor their home."

"They blush to hear themselves praised but feel much delighted to hear others' praises. Even-minded and placid, they never abandon the right course. Guileless by nature and loving, they are given over to preayer, austerity, control of the senses, self-denial and religious obsevances and undertake sacred vows. They are devoted to the feet of their Guru, Lord Govinda (Visnu) and the Brahmanas. They are full of piety, forgiving friendly to all, compassionate, cheerful under all circumstances and sincerely devote to My feet. They are further characterized by dispassion, discretion, modesty, knowledge of the truth relating to God as well as by a correct knowledge of the Vedas and Puranas. They never take recourse to hypocrisy, pride or arrogance nor set their foot on the evil path even by mistake. They are ever engaged in singing or hearing My stories and are intent on doing good to others without any consideration. In short, O good sage, the qualities of the saints are so numerous that they cannot be exhausted even by Sarada (the goddess of speech) nor by the Vedas.

"Neither Sarada nor Sesa could tell them!" Even as he heard this the sage Narada clasped the Lord's lotus feet. In this way the all-merciful Lord, the befriender of the meek, recounted with His own lips the virtues of His devotees. Narada bowed his head at the Lord's feet again and again and left fo the abode of Brahma (the Creator) Blessed are they, says Tulasidasa, who, giving up all hopes, are steeped in love for Sri Hari.

Doha - 46A-B
People who sing or hear the sanctifying praises of Ravana's foe shall be rewarded with steadfast devotion on Sri Rama even without dispassion, prayer or concentration of mind. The body of a young woman is like the flame of a candle; be not a moth to it, O my mind. Abandoning lust and pride worship Sri Rama and enjoy the company of saints.

Thus ends the third descent into the Manasa lake of Sri Ramna's exploits, eradicates all the impurites of the Kali age.


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