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उत्तरतंत्रम् - सप्तदशः पटलः

उत्तरतंत्रम् - सप्तदशः पटलः

शक्त्याचारस्मन्वितम् अथर्ववेदलक्षणम्

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  • An ancient Ascetic who had been a luminary in the Durbar hall of King Yudhiṣṭhira. There is a story in the Mahābhārata showing the merits of penance of Arvāvasu. This story was told by the hermit Lomaśa to the Pāṇḍavas, when they arrived at the holy bath Madhugilasamaṅga, during their exile in the forest. “Long ago two ascetics Raibhya and Bharadvāja had built their hermitages and lived here. A son named Yavakrīta was born to Bharadvāja. To Raibhya, two sons called Arvāvasu and Parāvasu were born. Raibhya and his sons were learned men. Bharadvāja and Yavakrīta became ascetics. Yavakrīta started doing penance with a view to get the boon of learning coming to him automatically without getting it directly from Brahmins. When his penance became severe Indra appeared and told him that the boon he asked for was an impossibility and tried to dissuade him from his attempt. Yavakrīta was not willing to give up penance. Later Indra came in the guise of a Brahmin to the Banks of the Ganges and began to build a dam with sand particles. Yavakrīta said that it was an impossible task. Indra said that the desire of Yavakrīta also was as impossible as that. Still Yavakrīta did not show any intention of drawing back. Finally Indra granted him the boon. Yavakrīta returned to the hermitage. Full of arrogance he hankered after the daughter-in-law of Raibhya. Raibhya plucked a tuft of hair from his head and put it as oblation in fire and created a giant who killed Yavakrīta. Bharadvāja felt sad and cursed Raibhya that he would be killed by his son. Then with Yavakrīta he jumped into the fire and died. At that time Bṛhaddyumna, a Brahmin performed a sacrifice. He invited Arvāvasu and Parāvasu as helpers. As Parāvasu was going along the forest he saw his father covered with the hide of a deer and shot at him thinking him to be a deer. He stealthily informed the matter to Arvāvasu. Arvāvasu went to the forest completed the funeral rites of his father and returned. Parāvasu spread the rumour everywhere that Arvāvasu had murdered his father. In the innocence of Arvāvasu, nobody believed. Everyone avoided him. He became sad and forlorn and went to the forest and did penance to the Sun. The Sun appeared before him and blessed him. He returned and brought Yavakrīta, Bharadvāja and Raibhya to life again. All these occurrences happened in this bath called Madhubilasaṁgama. [Mahābhārata, Araṇya Parva, Chapters 135, 136, 137, 138]. The report of a conversation between this hermit, and Śrī Kṛṣṇa who had been on his way to Hastināpura, is given in the Mahābhārata, Śānti Parva, Chapter 336, Stanza 7. Arvāvasu also is counted among the hermits who possessed the Brightness of Brahmā like Rudra. “Hermit Vasiṣṭha! Now I shall give their names in order. Yavakrīta, Raibhya, Arvāvasu, Parāvasu, Kakṣīvān, Aurṣija, Bala, Aṅgiras, Ṛṣimedha, Tithisuta, Kaṇva, these are the Bright hermits, having the brightness of Brahmā, lauded by the world and as bright as Rudra, Fire and Vasu”. [M.B., Anuśāsana Parva, Chapter 150, Stanzas 30, 31 & 32]. Arvāvasu did penance to the Sun for getting children. The Sun-God came down from his way in the sky and gave him through Aruṇa directions mentioned in the Kalpa (one of the six Śāstras or Sciences) regarding Saptamī rituals. Arvāvasu observed them strictly and as a result he got children and wealth. This story is given in [Bhaviṣya Purāṇa, Brahma Parva]. 

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