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श्री आर्यादुर्गा देवी महात्म्य

श्री आर्यादुर्गा देवी महात्म्य

स्कंद पुराणांत गोकर्ण महात्म्यमध्ये उत्तरखंडात " श्री आर्यादुर्गा महात्म्य " वर्णन केले आहे.

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  • (KAUŚIKĪ). A celebrated river of Purāṇic fame. This is worshipped as a goddess.
    1) The curse.
    Kaṁpa Rāmāyaṇa states that this river was Kauśikī, sister of Viśvāmitra. She became a river by a curse. Kauśikī was married to a sage called Ṛcīka. Once Ṛcīka went to devaloka to see Brahmā. Kauśikī unable to bear the separation followed her husband by her power of chastity. On the way Ṛcīka saw her and cursed her and made her into a river. From that day onwards she started running as a river named Kauśikī. See under Kauśikī. [Bāla Kāṇḍa, Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa].
    2) Other details from the Purāṇas regarding Gomatī.
    i) Śrī Rāma conducted the Aśvamedha yāga at Naimiśāraṇya on the banks of this river. [Uttara Rāmāyaṇa]. ii) The sins of those who drink the water of this river are washed away. [Śloka 20, Chapter 169, Ādi Parva]. iii) The devī of Gomatī river lives in the court of Varuṇa worshipping him. [Śloka 23, Chapter 9, Sabhā Parva]. iv) Dharmaputra came to this river during his pilgrimage. [Śloka 2, Chapter 95, Vana Parva]. v) Gomatī is the wife of Agnideva called Viśvabhuk. [Śloka 19, Chapter 219, Vana Parva]. vi) This is one of the most important rivers of Bhāratavarṣa. [Śloka 18, Chapter 9, Bhīṣma Parva]. vii) The land of Divodāsa, King of Ayodhyā, extended from the shores of Gaṅgā to the base of Gomatī. [Brahmāṇḍa Purāṇa, Chapter 2]. GOMATĪMANTRA. A mantra for obtaining blessings from cows. If one recites this mantra standing in the midst of cows one would get many children and great wealth and if it is recited by a woman she would get the affection and love of her husband. [Śloka 42, Chapter 81, Anuśāsana Parva, M. B.].

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