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we regret that we cannot help you in this regard/matter

हमें खेद है कि इस संबंध मेंमामले में हम आपकी कोई सहायता नहीं कर सकते

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regret   with due regard to   with regard to   colouring matter   in regard to.....   destructive matter   matter of fact   grey matter   matter in dispute   we have carefully considered your request but regret that it cannot be acceded to   letter of regret   we need not pursue the matter further   how the matter stands   matter is underconsideration   matter is under consideration   as a matter of right   front matter   minimax regret principle   cannot cope with the rush of work   with due regard to the nature and extent of such duties   this office cannot trace out papers   cannot be permitted   field of regard   your request cannot be considered   regret that   self-regard   fecal matter   matter in controversy   dry matter   pia matter   may not pursue the matter   matter in question   matter of law   action taken in this matter may be reported to government   financial matter   matter may be referred to   in the matter of ......   wave character of matter   electron theory of matter   intricate matter   matter is under active consideration   public matter   disputed matter   conservation of matter   take up the matter with....   civil matter   matter of policy   form and matter   controversial matter   we advise having sent a telex no....dated...... in the matter referred to therein   alluvial matter   annihilation of matter   as it is well known to you   body matter   carbonaceous matter   civil matter   colloidal matter   colouring matter   conservation of matter   controversial matter   destructive matter   disputed matter   dry matter   due regard   due regard to   dura matter   editing the matter   electron theory of matter   end matter   excretory matter   extraneous matter   fecal matter   field of regard   financial matter   foreign matter   form and matter   front matter   gray matter   grey matter   help   I authorise you   I have been directed to inform you/ request you/ask you   i have the honour to inform you   in matter of   intricate matter   it is matter of regret   letter of regret   libellous matter   matter   matter of regret   may not pursue the matter   mineral matter   no hard and fast rules can be laid down in the matter   offensive matter   organic matter   organisation of subject matter   pia matter   point of regard   press matter   private matter   
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