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KALPA III - कल्प

See also KALPA I , KALPA II , कल्प
The customary proceedings of Yāgas. These proceedings are made in the form of Sūtras. The Sūtras describe how the Brāhmaṇas and mantras are to be used. For each Saṁhitā there are separate Śrauta Sūtras. The Śrauta Sūtras for Ṛgveda Saṁhitā are [Āśvalāyana], [Śāṁkhāyana] and Śaunaka. Those for Sāmaveda are Maśaka, [Lāṭyāyana] and [Drāhyāyaṇa]. Those for [Kṛṣṇa Yajurveda] are [Āpastamba] [Bauddhāyana], [Satyāṣāḍha], Hiraṇyakeśī, [Mānava], [Bhāradvāja], Vādhūla, [Vaikhānasa], Laugākṣi, Maitra, Kaṭha and [Vārāha]. For [Śuklayajurveda] it is [Kātyāyana Srauta Sūtra]. For Atharvaveda it is [Kauśika Śrauta Sūtra]. All these Sūtras contain only brief symbolic words and are difficult to understand without explanation.

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  • ( कदाचित् जीव जावयाचा म्हणून तो मुठींत ठेवून जपणें ). अतिशय भयंकर अवस्थेंत काळ कंठणें 
  • अगदीं काचणींत त्रासांत, राहणें. 

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