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ĀRYAKA - आर्यक

See also आर्यक , आर्यक II.
A famous serpent. [Śloka 7, Chapter 35, Ādi Parva, M.B.] Āryaka is associated with Bhīmasena in the following story. Once Duryodhana gave snake poison in his food to Bhīmasena. Unaware Bhīma took his food as usual and went to bathe in the river. After some time Bhīma became unconscious due to the effect of the poison and fell flat in the river. Immediately Duryodhana bound him by ropes and put him in more deep waters. Bhīma reaching the bottom was bitten by all the snakes there. This fortunately served as an antidote and the poison in Bhīma's body was neutralized and Bhīma became his old self again and killed all the serpents. Those serpents who escaped went and brought their chief, Vāsuki. At that time it was Āryaka who advised Vāsuki to give him ‘rasapāna’. [Ślokas 64-68, Chapter 127, Ādi Parva, M.B.].

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बभरा, बभ्रा

  • m  Diffusion, spread, esp. of a matter that should have been kept secret. Infamous notoriety. 

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