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ĀGNEYĪ - आग्नेयी

See also आग्नेयी
Wife of Kuru, son of Manu. Śambhu wife of Dhruva gave birth to two sons, Śiṣṭi and Bhavya. Succhāyā wife of Śiṣṭī gave birth to five sinless sons Ripu, Ripuṁjaya, Vipra, Vṛkala and Vṛkatejas. Cākṣuṣa was born of Bṛhatī, wife of Ripu. Manu was born to Cākṣuṣa of his wife Puṣkariṇī, daughter of the great Vīraṇaprajāpati. Puṣkariṇī hailed from the dynasty of Marutta. To Manu were born of Naḍvalā ten sons, Kuru, Puru, Śatadyumna, Tapasvī, Satyavān, Śuci, Agniṣṭoma, Atirātra, Sudyumna, and Abhimanyu. Of these, Kuru got of his wife Āgneyī six sons: Aṅga, Sumanas, Khyāti, Kratu, Aṅgiras and Śibi. Vena was born to Aṅga of his wife Sunīthā. [Chapter 13, Aṁśam 1, Viṣṇu Purāṇa].

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