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स्त्रीजना विषय सकलहि एकचि...

संगीत विद्याहरण - स्त्रीजना विषय सकलहि एकचि...

कचाने दैत्यगुरू शुक्राचार्यांकडून संजीवनी विद्या कशी मिळविली, याचे यथार्थ वर्णन या नाटकातून प्रभावीपणे जाणवते.

अंक पहिला - प्रवेश पहिला - पद ८

स्त्रीजना विषय सकलहि एकचि अचल प्रेम;

मन इतर ना घेई ॥धृ०॥

जणु निज राजयोग शिकवित

गुरु सरल मार्गचि मोक्षा जाई ॥१॥

प्रबल महाजन पतित जीवहि मिळत येथ; न कुणासि मनाई ॥२॥

राग पिलू, ताल त्रिवट.

("निर्मली गातकि चित चढी कामिन," या चालीवर.)

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • A king, who ruled over Mālava during the first Dvāparayuga in the seventh Manvantara. Cūḍālā, daughter of the king of Saurāṣṭra was Śikhidhvaja's wife. The Jñānavāsiṣṭham contains a story about how the royal couple renounced all attachments in life as the result of intense tapas. Śikhidhvaja and Cūḍālā began practising jñānayoga (communion through knowledge). It was Cūḍālā, who gained Siddhis first. Though the king was pleased with the achievements of his wife he felt sorry about his failure or drawbacks. Cūḍālā had attained the Siddhi to travel even in air. Though she told her husband empha- tically that he could practise jñānayoga living in the palace itself, he quitted the city for the forest and began performing tapas there. Then on one day, she went to the presence of the king in the forest in the guise of a brahmin boy and stood there without touching the earth with his feet. The king treated the boy with honour and respect taking him for some Deva. Then she revealed her actual form, and the king agreed to return with her to the palace and practise jñānayoga there. At that juncture Cūḍālā created by her soul-power celestial women like Urvaśī and also Indra and lined them up before her husband. This was to test whether the king yielded to any of the temptations by the celestial women or by Indra and Cūḍālā returned with the king to the kingdom. 

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