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आपुल्या भक्तांचा धरोनी अभ...

संत वंका - आपुल्या भक्तांचा धरोनी अभ...

संत वंकाच्या अभंगातून विठ्ठलाची भक्ती करून मोक्ष साधण्याचा मार्ग सापडतो.


आपुल्या भक्तांचा धरोनी अभिमान । सगुण निर्गुण रूप धरी ॥१॥

जयाची वासना तेची पुरवीत । उभा राहे तिष्ठत बळिचे द्वारी ॥२॥

विदुराचे घरी आवडी खाय कण्या । धांवतसे धांवण्या भाजी पाना ॥३॥

वंका म्हणे अंबऋषीकारणें । दहा जन्म घेणे गर्भवास ॥४॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • Son of Brahmā and the first of the Manus.
    1) Birth.
    Svāyambhuva Manu was born as the mental son, and Śatarūpā as the mental daughter, of Brahmā. Svāyambhuva did penance and acquired boons for ruling over the subjects. He married Śatarūpā herself. Brahmā appointed him as the first Manu to rule over the subjects. Two sons named Priyavrata and Uttānapāda and two daughters named Prasūti and Ākūti, were born to Svāyambhuva by his wife Śatarūpā. Of the two daughters Prasūti was given to Prajāpati Dakṣa and Ākūti to Prajāpati Ruci as wives. A son named Yajña and a daughter named Dakṣiṇā were born to Ruci by Ākūti. The children were twins. It is believed that Svāyambhuva and Śatarūpā are the first human beings. A story as given below, occurs in [Matsya Purāṇa]. Brahmā took birth as a man somewhere in Kāśmīra. Brahmā who took birth as man, created Śatarūpā from his own body, without any decrease in its radiance. Svāyambhuva (Brahmā) appreciated the beauty of Śatarūpā. He grew amorous. But Brahmā was ashamed of his feeling, as Śatarūpā being half of his body, was his daughter. Being subjected to love and shame at the same time Svāyambhuva stood there, looking at Śatarūpā. To avoid the look of Brahmā, Satarūpā moved to one side. Brahmā had no courage to turn his face to that side. So another face sprang up on that side for him. Śatarūpā turned to four sides and Brahmā thus got four faces. His amour subsided. When the desire subsided, a man originated from Brahmā. That man is Svāyambhuva. (For further details see under Manvantara).

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