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मराठी मुख्य सूची|मराठी साहित्य|गाणी व कविता|अनंत काणेकर|संग्रह १|
बाजू उलटली !

बाजू उलटली !

अनंत काणेकर यांच्या कवितेत, भावनेची उत्कटता, आणि तिचे प्रकटन होण्यासाठी अनुरूप अशी रससिद्ध भाषाशैली यांची एकजीव जुळणी झालेली आहे.

बाजू उलटली !

मनीं भोळया चोरटा भाव नाहीं.,

मुग्ध आणि निर्व्याज तुझ्या ठायीं.

प्रणयचंचल तुज ठावुक्या न लीला

कसलि नाही दरकार तव मनाला !

आजवेरी पाहिल्या खूप बाला,

नजर कितीकींच्या लाविली मुखाला,

लाजलाजुनी आरक्त किती झाल्या

आणि हरिणीसम पळुनि किती गेल्या !

लोचनांना भिडवून लोचनांशीं

धीट मजला पाहून अशी घेशी!

तुझी कांही न्यारीच रीत बाई,

मींच गेलों लाजून तुझ्यापायीं !

Translation - भाषांतर

References :

कवी - अनंत काणेकर

दिनांक - ११ ऑक्टोबर १९२४

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  • Wife. Bhīṣma points out the sanctified importance of Bhāryā (wife) as follows:-- Without her even the palace will prove itself to be just a forest. She will be a great support (to the husband) in the matter of dharma (duty) artha (wealth) and Kāma (enjoyment of material comforts). (These three precede the ultimate state of Mokṣa (salvation) and the wife will be a great support in fulfilling the conditions during the first three stages.) While on tour in foreign places she will remain faithful to him and instil confidence in him. Bhāryā is great wealth to man. In his forlorn life on earth the wife is of great help to man. To him, who is suffering from diseases and is otherwise in distress there is no remedy (medicine) like a good wife. There is no relative like a wife. In the matter of practising dharma there is no other support to match the wife. If one has no good wife to take care of domestic affairs one will be driven to the forest; the home will be like a forest. [Śānti Parva, Chapter 144]. 

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