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तुम्ही चला चलागे चला सकल ...

भजन - तुम्ही चला चलागे चला सकल ...

भजन - A bhajan or kirtan is a Hindu devotional song, often of ancient origin. Great importance is attributed to the singing of bhajans with Bhakti, i.e. loving devotion. "Rasanam Lakshanam Bhajanam" means the act by which we feel more closer to our inner self or God, is a bhajan. Acts which are done for the God is called bhajan.


तुम्ही चला चलागे चला सकल शिव पुजनी ध्या पुजापात्र करी भरुनी तुम्ही चला ॥धृ॥

उदसत्वाचे उदक आणोनी, मन अमृत हे पुजन करोनी, भावे बेल त्यासी अर्पूनी पुष्प घ्या सुमनी ॥१॥

षडविकार वळल्यावाती अहं ब्रह्मा घालूनी वरती ज्ञानाची लावूनी ज्योती ऐसा ओवाळूनी शुळपाणी ॥२॥

ऐसी केली षोडस पूजा मनोभावे पुजीला सांबराया यावरी रमेती गिरीजा वरमागू पूजीला नमूनी ॥३॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • 1) General information.
    A son of the sage Gautama. He had two brothers called Ekata and Dvita. (See under Ekata).
    2) Other details.
    (i) Ekata, Dvita and Trita were born to clean the hands of the devas when they become smeared with the sacrificial butter during the yāgas. Of these Trita once fell into a well while drawing water and the asuras closed the well. But Trita escaped opening the top. [Sūkta 52, Anuvāka 10, Maṇḍala 1, Ṛgveda].
    (ii) Once Ekata, Dvita and Trita were stranded in a desert and desperately needed water to quench an increasing thirst. At last they found a well and Trita after getting down and quenching his thirst brought water to his brothers. The cruel brothers, after drinking the water pushed Trita into the well and covered the well with the wheel of a bullock-cart. Trita prayed to the Aśvinīdevas for help and they appeared before him and rescued him from the well. [Sūkta 105, Maṇḍala 1, Ṛgveda].

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