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तृतीयाः पाद: - सूत्र ३३-३५

ब्रह्मसूत्र वरील हा टीका ग्रंथ आहे. ब्रह्मसूत्र ग्रंथात एकंदर चार अध्याय आहेत.

सूत्र ३३-३५
कर्ता शास्त्रार्थवत्त्वात् ॥३३॥

कर्ता शास्त्रार्थवत्त्वात् ।
तद्नुणसारत्वाधिकारेणिअवापरोऽपि जीवधर्म: प्रपञ्च्यते ।
कर्ता चायं जीव: स्यात् ।
कस्मात् । शास्त्रार्थवत्वात् ।
एवं च यजते जुहुयाद्दद्यादित्येवंविधं विधिशास्त्रमर्थवद्भवति ।
अन्यथा तदनर्थकं स्यात् ।
तद्धि कर्तु: सत: कर्तव्यविशेषमुपदिशति ।
न चासति कर्तृत्वे तदुपपद्येत ।
तथेदमपि शास्त्रमर्थवद्भवत्येष हि द्रष्टा श्रोता मन्ता बोद्धा कर्ता विज्ञानात्मा पुरुष इति ॥३३॥

विहारोपदेशात् ॥३४॥

विहारोपदेशात् ॥
इतश्च जीवस्य कर्तृत्वं यज्जीवप्रक्रियायं सन्ध्ये स्थाने विहारमुपदिशति स ईयतेऽमृतो यत्र काममिति स्वे शरीरे यथाकामं परिवर्तत इति च ॥३४॥

उपादानात् ॥३५॥

उपादानात् ।
इतश्चास्य कर्तृत्वं यज्जीवप्रक्रियायामेव करणानामुपादानं संकीर्तयति तदेषां प्राणानां विज्ञानेन विज्ञानमादायेति प्राणान्गृहीत्वेति च ॥३५॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • Son of Vīrabāhu and a friend of Śrī Rāma. In the [Rājya Kāṇḍa of Ānanda Rāmāyaṇa] there is the following story about him. Citraratha was also one among those assembled for the svayaṁvara of Hemā, daughter of Kuśa. He sent an anaesthetic missile to the assemblage and made them all fall down senseless. He then took Hemā out from the marriage hall. But on reaching outside he felt he had done a very unjust thing and so withdrew the missile and stood outside ready to fight. A fight ensued in which Citraratha defeated all. But Lava alone continued to fight with him. Vīrabāhu, father of Citraratha, who was closely watching the fight came to the help of Citraratha and engaging Lava in a fight struck him down. Kuśa seeing this attacked Vīrabāhu and bound him hand and foot. At that time Śrī Rāma came to the scene and told Kuśa that Vīrabāhu was a friend of his and set Vīrabāhu free. Hemā was then married to Citraratha and Vīrabāhu was sent away with due respect. 

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