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द्वितीयाः पाद: - सूत्र १४

ब्रह्मसूत्र वरील हा टीकाग्रंथ आहे. ब्रह्मसूत्र ग्रंथात एकंदर चार अध्याय आहेत.

सूत्र १४
नित्यमेव च भावात् ॥१४॥

नित्यमेव च भावात् ।
अपि चाणव: प्रवृत्तिस्वभावा वा निवृत्तिस्वभावा वोमयस्वभावा वा‍ऽनुभयस्वभावा वा‍ऽभुपगम्यन्ते गत्यन्तराभावात् ।
चतुर्धापि नोपपद्यते ।
प्रवृत्तिस्वभावत्वे नित्यमेव प्रवृत्तेर्भावात्प्रलयाभावप्रसङ्ग ।
निवृत्तिस्वभावत्वेऽपि नित्यमेव निवृत्तेर्भावात्सर्गाभावप्रसङ्ग: ।
उभयस्वभावत्वं च विरोधादसमञ्जसम् ।
अनुभयस्वभावत्वे तु निमित्तवशात्प्रवृत्तिनिवृत्त्यारेभ्युपगम्यमानयोरद्दष्टादेर्निमित्तस्य नित्यसन्निधानान्नित्यप्रवृत्तिप्रसङ्गात् ।
अतन्त्रत्वेऽप्यदृष्टादेर्नित्याप्रवृत्तिप्रसङ्गात् ।
तस्मादप्यनुपपन्न: परमाणुकारणवाद: ॥१४॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • Śantanu Maharṣi's wife. Once Brahmā visited Śantanu Maharṣi's Āśrama. As the Maharṣi was not at home, it was Amoghā who received the guest with due reverence. Fascinated by the irresistible charm of Amoghā, Brahmā had an involuntary emission of seminal fluid. He felt ashamed of his own weakness and left the Āśrama immediately. The Maharṣi who returned to the Āśrama soon after, came to know from his wife whose semen it was. He asked Amoghā to accept Brahma Deva's precious semen and not to let it be wasted. Being a devoted wife, she accepted it, but unable to bear the divine pregnancy, she deposited it in the water lying in the valley of the Yugandhara mountain. From that time, it became a place of holy bath, known as Lohita. It was by bathing in this holy water that Paraśurāma washed away his sin of annihilating the Kṣatriyas. [Padma Purāṇa, Sṛṣṭi Khaṇḍa, 55]. 

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