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संस्कृत सूची|संस्कृत साहित्य|अष्टकम्‌|
हरिवरासनं विश्वमोहनम् हरि...

हरिहरात्मजाष्टकम् - हरिवरासनं विश्वमोहनम् हरि...

देवी देवतांची अष्टके आजारपण किंवा कांही घरगुती त्रास होत असल्यास घरीच देवासमोर म्हणण्याची ईश्वराची स्तुती  होय.
Traditionally,the ashtakam is recited in homes, when some one has health or any domestic problems.

हरिवरासनं विश्वमोहनम्
हरिदटीश्वरम् आराध्यपादुकम् ।
अरिविमर्दनं नित्यनर्तनम्
हरिहरात्मजं देवमाश्रये ॥१॥
चरणकीर्तनं भक्तमानसम्
भरणलोलुपं नर्तनालसम् ।
अरुणभासुरं भूतनायकम्
हरिहरात्मजं देवमाश्रये ॥२॥
प्रणयसत्यकं प्राणनयकम्
प्रणतकल्पकं सुप्रभञ्चितम् ।
प्रणवमन्दिरं कीर्तनप्रियम्
हरिहरात्मजं देवमाश्रये ॥३॥
तुरगवहनं सुन्दराननम्
वरगदायुधं वेदवर्णितम् ।
गुरुकृपाकरं कीर्तनप्रियम्
हरिहरात्मजं देवमाश्रये ॥४॥
त्रिभुवनार्चितं देवतात्मकम्
त्रिनयनप्रभुं दिव्यदेशिकम् ।
त्रिदशपूजितं चिन्तितप्रदम्
हरिहरात्मजं देवमाश्रये ॥५॥
भवभयापहं भावुकावकम्
भुवनमोहनं भूतिभूषणम् ।
धवलवाहनं दिव्यवारणम्
हरिहरात्मजं देवमाश्रये ॥६॥
कलमृदुस्मितं सुन्दराननम्
कलभकोमलं गात्रमोहनम् ।
हरिहरात्मजं देवमाश्रये ॥७॥
श्रितजनप्रियं चिन्तितप्रदम्
श्रुतिविभूषणं साधुजीवनम् ।
श्रुतिमनोहरं गीतलालसम्
हरिहरात्मजं देवमाश्रये ॥८॥
॥ इति श्री हरिहरात्मजाष्टकम् सम्पूर्णम् ॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • An evil-natured priest of Haṁsadhvaja, the King of Campakapurī. Śaṅkha his brother also was the King's priest. Haṁsadhvaja blocked the sacrificial horse of the Aśvamedha yajña of Dharmaputra and Arjuna attacked the King to get the horse released. To mobilise an army the King announced that each and every soldier should assemble at the place by day-break the next morning and added that those who disobeyed would be put in burning oil. By early morning the next day all the soldiers excepting the son of the King arrived at the palace. Sudhanvā, the King's son, was a general of the army and his absence annoyed the King. Haṁsadhvaja was hesitating whether his son should be punished when Likhita advised the King to execute the punishment. The King put Sudhanvā into a big cauldron of boiling oil but Sudhanvā escaped from it unscathed to the surprise of all. Likhita and Śaṅkha said that Sudhanvā escaped because the boiling of the oil was incomplete and uneven. So they boiled the oil again and threw Sudhanvā into it. At this moment a huge palm tree split into two and fell on them and they were killed. [Jaimini Aśvamedhaparva]. 

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