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अथारण्यार्चिकः - द्वितीया दशतिः

यज्ञ, अनुष्ठान आणि हवन संबंधीचे मन्त्र सामवेदात सांगितले आहेत. सर्व वेदांमध्ये हा सर्वात छोटा वेद आहे.

द्वितीया दशतिः
त्वमेतदधारयः कृष्णासु रोहिणीषु च ।
परुष्णीषु रुशत्पयः ॥५९५॥
अरूरुचदुषसः पृश्निरग्रिय उक्षा मिमेति भुवनेषु वाजयुः ।
मायाविनो ममिरे अस्य मायया नृचक्षसः पितरो गर्भमादधुः ॥५९६॥
इन्द्र इद्धर्योः सचा सम्मिश्ल आ वचोयुजा ।
इन्द्रो वज्री हिरण्ययः ॥५९७॥
इन्द्र वाजेषु नोऽव सहस्रप्रधनेषु च ।
उग्र उग्राभिरूतिभिः ॥५९८॥
प्रथश्च यस्य सप्रथश्च नामानुष्टुभस्य हविषो हविर्यत् ।
धातुर्द्युतानात्सवितुश्च विष्णो रथन्तरमा जभारा वसिष्ठः ॥५९९॥
नियुत्वान्वायवा गह्ययं शुक्रो अयामि ते ।
गन्तासि सुन्वतो गृहं ॥६००॥
यज्जायथा अपूर्व्य मघवन्वृत्रहत्याय ।
तत्पृथिवीमप्रथयस्तदस्तभ्ना उतो दिवं ॥६०१॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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India(, इन्दि अ)

  • पु. भारत 
  • ‘South Śarakh’, a newspaper published from the United Arab Republic with the assistance of the Indian Embassy gives the following account of how the land originally known as ‘Bhārata’ came to be called India. The name ‘India’ was given to “Bhārata” by the Arabs. Even from very early times, Arabs used to give the name ‘Hind’ to their girls. In ancient Arabic love poems, this name could be seen very frequently. There were commercial and cultural contacts between Bhārata and Arab lands, from very old times. The words ‘Kharan Fūl’ (spices) ‘Pulfūl’ (Pepper) etc. may be seen in Arabic poems of the pre-Islamic period. These contacts became more intimate in later years and the Arabs began to take very great interest in the products and the people of this country. They began to call ‘Bhārata’ by the pet name ‘Hind’ which they used for their little children. They began to use the term ‘Al Hind’ when referring to Bhārata in their poems, records and trade agreements In course of time this was shortened to ‘Hind’ and finally became ‘INDIA’. 

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