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Don't follow traditions blindly or don't assume a superstition either.
Don't be intentionally ignorant. Ask us!! Make Informed Religious Decisions!!
संस्कृत सूची|संस्कृत साहित्य|वेदः|ऋग्वेदः|मण्डल ९|
सूक्तं ४९

मण्डल ९ - सूक्तं ४९

ऋग्वेद फार प्राचीन वेद आहे. यात १० मंडल आणि १०५५२ मंत्र आहेत. ऋग्वेद म्हणजे ऋषींनी देवतांची केलेली प्रार्थना आणि स्तुति.

सूक्तं ४९
पवस्व वृष्टिमा सु नोऽपामूर्मिं दिवस्परि ।
अयक्ष्मा बृहतीरिषः ॥१॥
तया पवस्व धारया यया गाव इहागमन् ।
जन्यास उप नो गृहम् ॥२॥
घृतं पवस्व धारया यज्ञेषु देववीतमः ।
अस्मभ्यं वृष्टिमा पव ॥३॥
स न ऊर्जे व्यव्ययं पवित्रं धाव धारया ।
देवासः शृणवन्हि कम् ॥४॥
पवमानो असिष्यदद्रक्षांस्यपजङ्घनत् ।
प्रत्नवद्रोचयन्रुचः ॥५॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • पोत से 
  • (a price quoted forgoods at the port of arrival and excluding costs of unloading and delivery to the purchaser's premises) जहाज-, जहाजी 

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Don't follow traditions blindly or ignore them. Don't assume a superstition either. Don't be intentionally ignorant. Ask us!!
Hindu customs are all about Symbolism. Let us tell you the thought behind those traditions.
Make Informed Religious decisions.

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