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सूक्तं ७३

मण्डल ८ - सूक्तं ७३

ऋग्वेद फार प्राचीन वेद आहे. यात १० मंडल आणि १०५५२ मंत्र आहेत. ऋग्वेद म्हणजे ऋषींनी देवतांची केलेली प्रार्थना आणि स्तुति.

सूक्तं ७३
उदीराथामृतायते युञ्जाथामश्विना रथम् ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥१॥
निमिषश्चिज्जवीयसा रथेना यातमश्विना ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥२॥
उप स्तृणीतमत्रये हिमेन घर्ममश्विना ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥३॥
कुह स्थः कुह जग्मथुः कुह श्येनेव पेतथुः ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥४॥
यदद्य कर्हि कर्हि चिच्छुश्रूयातमिमं हवम् ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥५॥
अश्विना यामहूतमा नेदिष्ठं याम्याप्यम् ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥६॥
अवन्तमत्रये गृहं कृणुतं युवमश्विना ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥७॥
वरेथे अग्निमातपो वदते वल्ग्वत्रये ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥८॥
प्र सप्तवध्रिराशसा धारामग्नेरशायत ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥९॥
इहा गतं वृषण्वसू शृणुतं म इमं हवम् ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥१०॥
किमिदं वां पुराणवज्जरतोरिव शस्यते ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥११॥
समानं वां सजात्यं समानो बन्धुरश्विना ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥१२॥
यो वां रजांस्यश्विना रथो वियाति रोदसी ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥१३॥
आ नो गव्येभिरश्व्यैः सहस्रैरुप गच्छतम् ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥१४॥
मा नो गव्येभिरश्व्यैः सहस्रेभिरति ख्यतम् ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥१५॥
अरुणप्सुरुषा अभूदकर्ज्योतिरृतावरी ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥१६॥
अश्विना सु विचाकशद्वृक्षं परशुमाँ इव ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥१७॥
पुरं न धृष्णवा रुज कृष्णया बाधितो विशा ।
अन्ति षद्भूतु वामवः ॥१८॥

Translation - भाषांतर

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  • A King of the Kurus. Because of his sinful deeds in the previous birth he was denied the happiness of getting children in the next birth. In the rebirth his name was Śrīdhara. He lived with his wife Prabhāvatī for a long time, but did not get children. When the hermit Vyāsa came to his palace once, the King asked him for the reason of his remaining childless. Vyāsa replied “Oh King, hear why you have only one wife and why you do not get children. In the previous birth you had been a brahmin named Varatanu. Your wife was called Śaṅkarī. When both of you were going somewhere once, you happened to see a lowcaste child falling into water. Without paying any heed to it, you went on your way. The child was drowned. Though both of you have taken births in royal families due to the several good deeds of yours, you have become childless because of that one sinful act.” According to the instruction of Vyāsa, he gave Brahmins alms of gold, clothes, oxen, pumpkin etc. and performed Bāla vrata, the rite for the sake of children. Thus he got remission of his sin. Within a year he got a son loved and respected by everyone. That handsome prince became an emperor who came to be the founder of a dynasty. [Padma Purāṇa, Brahma Khaṇḍa, Chapter 6]. 

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